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Q When do we need to apply products of the Company and how much quantity if needed ?

A Each product have unique function and purpose in agricultures. For example, by their following categories.

− Herbicides is used primarily to kill unwanted plant while leaving the target unharmed;
− Insecticides is used against insects around site and/or inhibit in the plant;
− Plant growth regulators is for stimulating growth for the plant;
− Cover Crop Seeds is to manage soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, diseases, biodiversity and wildlife in an agroecosystem

The choice of the best specific use varies, dependable to conditions like soils, surrounding temperature, ecological and economic factor. This normally determines rate of the mount to be applied. In order to achieve most effective results, it is always recommended that user should consult with the Agronomist and comply with good cultural practices during the implementation.

Q Can the use of this application product cause negative side effect ?

A Yes, application product could cause negative side effect such as water, foods contamination, immune resistence and also from animal to human toxicity, especially when some of such products are used in excessive quantity. Therefore it is always important to follow and comply strictly with the provided guidance.

Q How severe toxicity may affect to human being ?

A Level of toxicity if affected to human varies from one case to another. Symtoms for low risk effect may include eye irritant, drowsiness, difficult breathing, emaciation, disorientation and convulsions. Moderate risk might lead to effects on reproduction.

In order to minimize any of the above mentioned risks, user are required to take the following precautions steps as under :
− Always follow and comply with the guidance for each application.
− Use or wear protective agent or clothing during handling.
− Wash regularley with water and soap after handling.
− If symptom develops and persists, immediately consult physician.