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Is a software application developed to help achieve business operational excellence.

Productivity is a buzzword we often hear in today all business enterprises. When a company starts out very small, a lot of activities and decision making can be easily handled by one or few people in one roof so to speak.

As business grows along with facing more complexity tasks, a company needs to find better and effective ways to run its business smoothly. Naturally, apart from requiring effective strategy and getting right people, skills and talent, a company should consider to bring in new, modern concept and practice in In response to fast changing business environment, Dwiagri introduces and offers a business application software called “I-Plantation” which can be used to empower employees, ensuring they have ability to access to the data, application and features they need to do their jobs effectively and quickly.

I-Plantation has key attributes, when implemented can realize full potential of a company’s employees by getting quick and accurate report about each task of operational result, this will allow further evaluation, analysis and comparison studies to be carried out simulateneously and also can help decision making process by management more effectively, this in turn will lead to increase in efficiency and productivity.

To unleash your employees power with I-Plantation and to realize optimization benefit for the company, Dwiagri is pleased to present more details about I-Plantation to your satisfaction.